KDE desktp settings? screen lock in the middle of a game!

I will start by saying at this time no konsole output.

I don't think it is an error as such.

What I have done. KDE settings - energy saving - all 3 tabs:
On Battery
On low battery (Actually left this alone for "screen energy savings")

The other 2 settings are set to "nothing" everything unchecked.

In the battery I also unchecked that box allow screen to sleep.

I must have missed a setting somewhere? It locks the screen right in the middle of me playing a STEAM game. "Risk of Rain" etc.

Anyone have an idea what setting I missed? Usually just un-checking the box in the battery box allow sleep and screen lock always works. (menu when clicking the battery box in panel)

SO FAR on this very problematic machine, GPD Win Max with the i5 Garuda has been quite good. The screen on this has a problem requiring custom edid but other than that Garuda seems to run well here.

Just this little issue I missed with KDE settings... Hope to get a pointer in the right direction.

Thank you.

I will start by saying, no inxi, no help. :slight_smile:
No error log available?
Define, "locks the screen".
Freeze, black screen, ...?


Welcome to the forum :grinning:

Your username denotes my passion!

It isn't an error? You kindly tell me how to give you the logs you like please?

If I missed a setting in KDE to prevent screen lock, screen lock is normal. Where is the error?

What would you like me to show/give you? It is not a black screen or anything. I'm playing a game and screen lock comes on.

The question is what setting to turn it off or disable it? If there is a way to give you logs for this, do tell me and I will gladly comply. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Haha, thanks, I think I missed a KDE setting. If you use KDE have you any idea what I missed? Screen lock comes up right in the middle of my game.

Getting me killed. Ha

It is unusual, Normally in KDE I clear the check in the box, when you click the battery, this is a laptop, the box that normally says:
"Enable sleep and screen lock"

I un-check it this prevents any screen locking oe dimming etc.

I have done so here in Garuda yet it was still occurring.

So, my question is really NOT technical I think. If you Goggle this way to prevent this comes up for KDE.


KDE after a set amount of time that it considers no activity. 5 min, 10 min or as one may adjust this time according to preference.

Screen locks. You are presented with a login again screen. (If you have set it it may give you some seconds 30 etc i n which moving a mouse or touching a key will bring you back to desktop.)

This is what I mean when I say "screen lock" comes on.

Sorry if it sounds like i may be saying the screen locks up. I just mean KDE lock screen comes on in the middle of my game.

It is not an error so much as I seem to have missed a setting somewhere.

I hope this can clarify my meaning. Thank you.

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