KDE Desktop wallpaper gets reset on restart

I set my my custom wallpaper on all 3 of my monitors as shown in image. When I restart my computer all 3 monitors revert back to the Patak background for some reason. I'm fairly new to Linux and especially new to KDE so any help would be appreciated.

Hi there, welcome!
I'm sorry the question might sound trivial, but ... Are you using the Guest account?
Or maybe a live USB?

In those cases your changes will not be saved between reboots.

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No and no. My user is admin. Also I have saved other changes like adding Panels and Widgets just fine.

Exactly where did you put your custom wallpaper? What device/directory? Is it in your PATH? :slight_smile:


Also, your journalctl output soon after a boot would be useful.


While I have no fix for this I can attest to having a similar bug when I have my monitor mirrored to my tv and restart my machine. It bugged me and I never could find an answer so my workaround was to disable that screen unless I am using it. Obviously that’s not the best workaround for a multi monitor setup like yours though. For me after a minute or 2 the wallpaper would switch to my selected one but still it bugged me not sure if yours does this or not.

Moving it to my main hard drive fixed it. Thanks!

Cool beans. PATH is an environment variable. Nice to learn what they are. Here's Arch's Wiki on them.

And an example of using the PATH variable.

And Happy Holidays! :slight_smile:


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