KDE BareBones install only Dragonized KDE Layout/look

I have been running Dragonized KDE Gaming addition for almost a year I think. I haven't even looked for a new distribution since installation. I dropped Windows! Thankyou!

I have an older laptop and would like to install KDE BareBones along with the KDE Dragonized Layout/look and Latte. I just love the way this OS looks!

Is there and Easy way?

pacman -Syu latte-dock-git garuda-dr460nized

What other packages need to be installed for the format and layout/look?

is KDE Dragonized basically KDE barebones plus the layout/look?

Certainly not. Barebones edition comes with the bare minimum to have a desktop you can log in to. You may have to install additional packages for hardware support. You can find the complete desktop package list for dragonized here: garuda/dr460nized/Packages-Desktop · master · Garuda Linux / Tools / Iso-Profiles · GitLab

That's probably a good start. For the full theming you're gonna want plymouth-theme-dr460nized and
as well. My two cents though, leave grub as it is. As you should certainly already be aware, there is no support for issues with the barebones edition - you are on your own.