KDE Autostart Delay "Fish script"

If you use fish shell and are like me and have things you want on a delay for autostart in KDE. Here’s the script so you can make a executable fish file.

Then add the text below, where “APP NAME HERE” is you can find it in dolphin or in terminal type which app-name (Example which thunderbird)

Then put it in place of ~/usr/bin/APP NAME HERE

# Delay for 15 seconds
sleep 15
# Start your application
~/usr/bin/APP NAME HERE

My script called " delayed_start.fish " but it can be anything .fish
Don’t forget to make it executable after you make it.

  • Right click on the file an click properties → permissions

  • Then just add it to auto start.

*You can drag the script to terminal to test it if your app is named weird or in some other location.

**Note at the time of posting Garudas default shell is bash you can change this in Garuda Assistant but, you can do a different script for bash. For this there are a lot of examples on the net.

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