KDE and i3(wtm) stuck

I know there is a separate iso for i3 user and so on but listen me out. I am using garuda dragonized I also want to use i3 as my wtm for some purpose. I tried installing it and using it but when i changed my session and login into the i3m as i enter my password and enter in sddm it kind of freezes. I can see a small part of i3 in bottom of my sddm but everything gets stuck at the sddm logo. I cannot fully see my i3. I shutdown and reentered into my kde plasma. When i created a session and entered inside from the pc i got stuck so bad that even restarting would not help. I could not even got help by restoring to previous stable snapshot.(the later could be my fault). I reinstalled my os again.I am average user of linux but completely new to i3(window tiling manager.) How do i install that and not get stuck. I loved this distro and want to help to contribute to it.

Hello good it is not that it gets stuck in the SDDM image but i3wm being a window manager you will not have a background image, so it stays in the SDDM image of KDE, download the program "feh" and change the SDDM image, if you want to have the configuration of i3 garuda, the easiest thing you can do is see the garuda-settings repository that is in gitlab or you can find it by clicking here, look at the repository and configuration and see what programs it uses and its configuration.
I for my part have the KDE-Dragonized version but I have Qtile and I downloaded all its configuration repository of Qtile and replace the files where they have to be guiding me from the repository, I also have to be watching the changes that is made repository to see if I also want to change it.

I recommend that if you want to have the same i3-garuda configuration because if you install garuda-i3-settings from the chaotic-aur repository it will not let you because it will conflict with the kde-dragonized configuration and if you insist you could break your KDE desktop.

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This won't help to fix configuration that's already broken, but if you wanted to experiment with different desktop environments and not overwrite your base configuration (in your home folder) have you considered creating a separate user to use with other desktop environments? That way you don't risk overwriting your current dragonized config in your home folder. This way, if something is broke, you can restart into your original user and go change any config you need in the other users home directory.

I've been thinking about doing this too, mostly because I wanted to try out xmonad and maybe a couple other tiling window managers.


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