Just want to know how different editions work & run on my laptop

Just want to know how different editions work & run on my laptop to pick for PC. So I have Garuda Gnome & LXQT KWIN in dualboot w/grub so I can log into ea. separately. Found a tutorial on ARCH to put several distros on one USB, will try that. Only Slackware comes built w/ several DMs & WMs that you can switch between by running an xinit config file & choosing. But since I was forced to build a new PC w/ nvme .M2 drives & windows bios Secure Boot & UFEI. I don't know how to format and install for my slackware, because now you have to use GPT, format for UFEI & use tools I don't know how to use. Before I just used #fdisk did my partitions with sda1-4 my swap & root where Lilo boot loader installed to, no dos or fat32 partitions. So I'm exploring these fancy "EZ" to install automated distros. Every distro has a learning curve, the newer versions of windows grew into mazes that I hated trying to get around in because I had to reinstall so often and it became harder to do. I had a hell of time learning linux w/Slackware and still there is so much to learn that maybe I can't. But you can do anything with slackware & it comes with everything you can ever need. lol So I stuck it out till my PCs gave out & I was stuck w/ this gifted old Toshiba laptop that loses my posts before I get to post due to static electricity. So yes, it can be done but you need to learn what the dependencies are & if they will co-exist in your libraries I guess. I can't read & write config scripts, don't know python or other scripting lang? Some config files are well documented and you can figure it out.

Hi @Uda, what is the issue you need assistance with?


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