Just some things about wiki

Nothing big (I don't know why I am posting for a small thing but anyways)

At home of garuda wiki : Garuda-Welcome app screenshot is outdated. Shows serpant-eagle release.

Also in Initial setup after installing | Garuda Linux wiki at "Getting printing and scanning support, adblocking and more using the Garuda Welcome app"

And in Basic steps to privacy on Garuda Linux | Garuda Linux wiki the firewall app is in other language I guess (I don't know if it is supposed to be that, I don't use firewall)

Also another language app in "Using secure passwords" section in privacy guide.

Also in How to remove "bloatware"? | Garuda Linux wiki

Also in Restoring System Back To Working State | Garuda Linux wiki

Not much in Reporting bugs | Garuda Linux wiki but just old site.

See this all is un-necessary but just told ya.
Maybe you do this in free-time


Thanks for the feedback, most of the pics were taken by me when I was still using german as system language :sweat_smile: