Just Saying Hello from Bazza14

Hi all. I’ve arrived here after looking for a Linux distro to play Windows games on. Long time linux user. Started with Red Hat some 20 years ago and tried lots of other distros since. Settled on Fedora as my main platform over 10 years ago. I only use Windows for gaming and there are only 4 games I play regularly Skyrim, ESO, CivIV, and Elite Dangerous. I have these in Steam and it seems they all run ‘out of the box’ so a big thankyou to all the folks that made that possible. My main ED account is on the Frontier launcher and once I get that running it’s bye bye microshaft. I’ll probably be asking for advice on how to do that, I think Lutris may hold the answer but as I’m very new to this I can’t be sure.



Happy Gaming Weekend :wink:


Welcome to the Garuda community.