JPEG XL [jxls] Files for Garuda Wallpaper?

I haven't been able to try converseen yet, but it might be because the forum software is converting to jpg again.

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I have spent ages downloading wallpapers from the artwork page - I'm currently only a quarter of the way down the page. In total I downloaded 108 files, the majority were jpgs, but there are also some pngs.

I initially converted the files to jxls using Converseen, but I wasn't happy with the file sizes - they were too big. I decided to use an online conversion tool I had previously used, and the resulting files were a lot smaller with no loss in quality.

The end result is 108 jxl files with a total size of 10.6MB. The total file size of the original jpgs and pngs is 74MB.

When I converted the jpgs and pngs to jxls I didn't change the file names, thus if all of the files are put into a single directory an image viewer can be used to go through the files so that any visual differences will be obvious.

I have placed all of the files in an 83MB zip file. How do I get the files to you?

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Do you have cloud storage?
You could also open an account on gitlab and store the zip file or the individual jxl files there.
By the way, are you already using these as wallpapers on your computer, which DE?
I read everything, but also forget a lot :wink:
On reddit someone wrote
"Cannot add wallpapers with image type jxl."

For me converseen doesn't work and I can't find any jxl files/wallpapers to test.

A link would be helpfully :slight_smile:


No, so I have uploaded the 83.8 MB zip file to Upload files for free - -

Gnome - I installed libjxl and everything worked after a reboot.

Here's my desktop:

More software with JPEG XL support: libvips | Imlib2 | Qt / KDE (gwenview, digiKam, KolourPaint, KPhotoAlbum, LXImage-Qt, qimgv, qView, nomacs, VookiImageViewer, PhotoQt) | GDK-pixbuf (eog, gThumb, Geeqie) | EFL (entice, ephoto) | MacOS plugin | Windows Imaging Component | Windows thumbnail handler | OpenMandriva Lx | KaOS | Paint.NET | XnView | ImageGlass | IrfanView | Tachiyomi | Swayimg

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Not my day, I read
"Existing JPEG images can be converted to JPEG XL in a 100% reversible, lossless way. The resulting JPEG XL files will be about 20% smaller and can be converted back to the bit-exact original JPEG file. "
not .png to jxl.

Did you change settings in Squoosh? If so, which one, to which values.

I'm trying to work my way through this and compare notebook, 4K monitor, TV via HDMI.
But it may take some time.

I used the -git version from chaotic-aur

Seems it does not work in i3 with azote, second, the file names should match the original, but if it does not work with all DE's (if the quality is right) it is unnecessary.

Ok, I just check that you use jpeg files, the files in "Show your Artwork", the old ones, are stored as .webp in discourse forum, maybe as jpg too.
My “artwork”, as sample, are stored in gitlab

only as .png files.

So this converting thing will definitely not be my hobby :slight_smile:

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Looks like it would be appropriate to recommend mogrify since ImageMagick supports JXL.

It was driving me nuts when files with the webp extension kept appearing - this explains why.


pngs are converted to lossy files that look better than jpgs and have a smaller file size

"the overall improvement going from (Moz)JPEG to WebP is about as large as the improvement going from WebP to AVIF, while the improvement going from AVIF to JPEG XL is larger than that and roughly comparable to the improvement going from JPEG to AVIF."

I like a challenge. I'll convert some of the pngs to jxls and upload them later. If you approve I'll do them all (but it will take some time...)

I have completed the conversion. I did it in two batches. The first was to check for compression issues and resolve them, the second batch was simply a case of converting the files and employing a simple fix to any issues when required.

In the initial batch I found the default conversion method didn't like some colour gradients, thus making me use the alternative form of lossy compression on these images - this resolved the issue. The end result is minimal artifacts.

All of the images I converted (both png and jxl) are in the compressed files detailed below.

Total 232 files


Location of files:

jxl: 59 items, totalling 6.6 MB
png: 59 items, totalling 102.6 MB


Location of files:

jxl: 173 items, totalling 18.8 MB
png: 173 items, totalling 311.4 MB

jxl total file size: 25.4 MB
png total file size: 414 MB (includes 3 jpgs)

So it can't be used in i3wm. IDK, if it work not on other DE's too.


These should not be used but, as I said, this is secondary if the first point is not met.

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Thanks for trans-coding the artwork.
From your initial post I decided to test your suggestion.
I found many pitfalls, to name a few.
The first it is not a well adopted format. Which makes it unusable.
All browsers will not display this format.
Git will not display this format.

Why do you think this is a format that should be used for quality and usability.
Except file size?

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It works perfectly on Garuda Gnome DE and it offers a simple way to showcase a mountain of excellent wallpapers without wrecking the images with artifacts or bloating the iso. It will actually reduce the iso size even if all of the 232 files are used a wallpaper choices.

I included the original pngs in the uploaded files so that the quality of the resultant jxls could be directly compared with the pngs.

Yes you did and i saw a difference.
But i may be wrong here but when i create a wallpaper or artwork I make it available for anyone in a format that is universal.(open standard)
As sgs commented it does not work in i3wm as with many distro,s or devices.
Which makes it not universal or open standard


Then you should mention this, to

By the way, I had to search quite a long time to find a program that can display these files. The g at the beginning indicates that it has something to do with GNOME :slight_smile:

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