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What is problem with me SGS are you hate me

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You need to stop this.


Let's get this straight, you have to contribute something to the distro by coding or by artwork or something like that to join the team. We can't just add anyone in the team for no reason.

First, visit Garuda Linux Gitlab page, then create merge requests. You can also help more and more people in the forums and get more topics solved to catch our eye. If we find you worthy enough, we will be glad to have you in the team.

Becoming member of Garuda team brings a lot of responsibility as well as honor. We have to know each member and his intentions carefully, and add them to team if and only if it is necessary.

You are a slacker, and don't want to work, but want to enjoy. You have to change yourself to work harder and earn the respect.

So, prove your worth and you will be automatically added to the team.

PS : this topic has been rightfully closed. You can dm me if you want any more answers or help.