Jdownloader 2 on Sway Edition


I am using a fully updated (as of post date) edition of Garuda Sway Wayland. I have just installed and tried reinstalling jdownloader 2 from the chaotic repo. Whenever I launch the program I get no response and the program will not open.

Could someone assist me in fixing this issue?

Thank you

Welcome :slight_smile:
Start app from terminal, check errors and search for answers in web.


Thank you for your quick reply.

I am quite new to this sort of thing and don't know what it means.

This was the code I got back, what part of it would I use to search?:

"[user JDownloader scope]
[user JDownloader scope]
Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=on -Dswing.aatext=true -Dswing.defaultlaf=com.sun.java.swing.plaf.gtk.GTKLookAndFeel -Dswing.crossplatformlaf=com.sun.java.swing.plaf.gtk.GTKLookAndFeel {}
Unrecognized option: {}
Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit."

I searched and found no link to git on their website. Open source?

It's in the Garuda post-installation wizard:

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This is how I installed it and it still will not launch.

I searched that error and I can't find any that apply to me.

Did it manage to self-update or failed to even get that far?

Which JDK did you choose to install?

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It didn't get that far. No GUI will launch at all.

I chose the default, I think it was openjdk.

Well, the only help I can probably be is to say that I'm able to get it to run in VirtualBox on Wayfire and the default JDK is jre-openjdk 17.0.u12-1, for any others that may be able to help!

Do you have a particular preference to this downloader? Personally I prefer to avoid Java apps if possible and there are other options, perhaps you could use a different one until / incase someone comes along with a resolution.


Interesting--I'm not sure why it would be like this. I had the xfce edition installed and jdownloader ran fine and I had installed it the same way via the setup assistant.

I like jdownloader simply because of the sheer number of websites it supports. I use a lot of third party websites that don't have a dedicated downloader that works with them. Namely downloading video clips from them.

I move it to #issues-assistance:sway lets see what the dev think about.

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Please pop bits like that, your terminal output and my success with a virtual Wayfire (FWLIW) in the OP to save the appropriate devs/helpers time finding the informative bits of information.


Have you rebooted lately?

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Yes. I've since rebooted and the problem remains.