Issues with FireDragon (some drop down menus)

Since a while (one or two weeks?) some drop down menus do not work: the "Other Bookmarks" on the bookmarks bar, and all those in about:preferences e.g. fonts and default zoom.

Initially (two months ago) they worked, but the "other bookmarks" would not open its submenus, then an update made it work fully, then some update made them all stop working -- actually, I can see them flickering briefly as they open and disappear.

The ones in preferences behave a little different: they also flicker briefly but only after a second or so.
During that short window of time they react to keyboard but otherwise not.

Strange enough, other bookmark folders on the bookmarks bar do open without problem, subfolders included.

I just checked with Firefox and it does not show these problems. Both are 96.0.3-1.
My bad, I did not take note of which versions worked before.

Note that I use Sway, I have no idea if that plays a part.

Am I the only one experiencing these issues?

My garuda-inxi.

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