Issues using Mailspring related to libsecret

Hi Team!

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I'm trying to use Mailspring on Garuda, but the following error appears:


After reading the suggested article, I checked if I have everything I need and it appears I do.

When I open the Add/Remove Software, I see that libsecret 0.20.4-1 is installed. Reinstalling both Mailspring and libsecret does not seem to help.

I'm an occasional Linux user and a total Garuda Linux noob, so sorry if what I'm asking is common knowledge - I'm trying to learn! :blush:

Thanks in advance!


They suggest having gnome-keyring. Is it installed?
It also depends on your current DE. Post your info.

Edit: After a small research, it seems gnome-keyring is required, even if KDE provides kwallet. kwallet is not capable to provide what is required from mailspring, or needs special configuration that I don't know off.


@petsam that did the trick! I installed gnome-keyring from Add/Remove Programs and Mailspring works like a charm now!

Thank you so so much! And what an awesome team you guys have, two issues I've been trying to solve and you guys responded ASAP!

Thanks again and I hope you have a great rest of your day! :innocent: