Issues in sway

Sway is laggy.. also background image not appearing . and the eye icons is for what reason? when i click it does not do anything except it changes the eye icon. Power icons do and show nothing.
NOTE : I just cloned the repo from gitlab into existing gnome install and installed the programs so there might be some programs missing for them.. please mention the names.. thanks

Please provide your garuda-inxi as requested in the topic creation template.

Sorry to say, but you created an hybrid system that, as such, is officially unsupported.
You are on your own, unless some good-willing user will try to help.


I have seven or eight Garuda installations between a couple different machines and Sway is the fastest. It seems like your method for "installing" it has given you a terribly broken system. Try downloading the ISO and installing it normally.

Idle inhibitor, in case you want to watch a movie or something without the lock screen kicking in.

Well it isn't supposed to walk up and shake your hand or anything when you click on it, it just turns on.

Yeah your system is totally broken. The power button works great if you install it normally, check it out:

I'm going to toss this thread into the bin because what you have done here is not supported and likely unfixable. Even if it were fixable, it's not really worthy of anyone's time. Please do not open any more support threads for a system that you have intentionally mangled like this.

My advice is to purge this abomination from your system and install the ISO correctly if you would like to use Sway.


I love you, man. :rofl:

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