Issue with Google Calendar Integration in Garuda Linux

Hello Garuda Linux Community,

I hope everyone is doing well. I am currently facing an issue with the integration of Google Calendar in the latest version of Garuda Linux, and I wanted to share this with all of you.

I recently installed the most recent version of the operating system and noticed that the integration with Google Calendar is not functioning correctly. When attempting to sync Google Calendar with the native Garuda Linux calendar, I am experiencing difficulties in viewing events and real-time syncing. This is causing significant inconvenience for my work and daily organization.

I truly appreciate the excellent work that the Garuda Linux development team does. I am confident that they are working diligently to provide an exceptional user experience. However, I would like to request assistance from the community to resolve this specific issue, as Google Calendar integration is vital to my workflow.

I am willing to provide any additional information necessary to help diagnose and resolve this problem. I appreciate in advance any assistance you can offer.

I am looking forward to the collaboration of everyone, and I thank you for your attention.

Best regards.

Just post the garuda-inxi as the template ask for. As text between three ~ in first and last line.

Post your search results from the Internet.
Is the error occurring again?
Has it worked before?
Did the error occur after an update?
Are there any error indications when you run the app from the terminal?
Is there a gitlab page?
Is the software open source?


There is no native Garuda Linux calendar. You may be mistaking the calendar provided by your desktop environment for a Garuda Linux application.

No garuda-inxi provided to be sure, but based on the topic tag it looks like you are using KDE. You will most likely have better luck searching for how to integrate Google Calendar with KDE instead of Garuda Linux.


Install kio-gdrive, then Add the ‘Google’ services under Settings>Applications in KDE.

That’s fairly close…I’m in Windows-only until I buy another backup HDD Nov. 3. I dunno why my 15-year old backup disk would decide to achieve failure-eminent status. :wink:

EDIT: The above process will link Google Calendar with KDE’s notifications subsystem, AFAIK. Works for me.


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