Issue with Activity Manager

I just moved Present Windows - All Desktops to the upper right corner, and add Krunner to the bottom right corner for activation. Now I want to add Activity Manager to the center left but when I mouse to any spot on the left edge it activates including the upper left corner. I was hoping to have it activated by a small section on the left side and not the entire left side, especially the upper left corner. I moved Present Windows to the right side because it was too easy for me to accidentally hit in the upper right corner. Anyone know of a way I can limit the activation area for Activity Manager? Thanks

Unless I am missing something in your post. You should be able to change those settings in KDEs system settings menu -->workspace behaviour --> screen edges.

Yes you missed that I already moved Present Windows - All Desktops to the upper right-hand corner, and added krunner to the bottom right corner, and simply want activities on the left side but not spanning the entire left edge top to bottom.

Did you look at the settings to see if they can do what you want?
I am not sure I understand what you are looking for.

Of course I've looked at the settings, and searched hear and did a google search to see if there was anything on resizing the applet / widget.

Ok. I found a link that should be helpful. It talks about how to resize pannels and widgets. Hopefully this will help you out.
This is part of the KDE UserBase Wiki.


Thanks for that, but looks at this point if there is a way to do it I'll have to get the information from the KDE developers.