Is this TL-WN823N wifi card suported without installing drivers manually?

I am looking to get the following wi-fi card since it seems to be at an ok-ish price and I might need it for the mini pc since I do not always have access to ethernet

The site seems to give some Linux drivers , but installing this for me(new user who had almost everything installed by windows updates) is more than difficult

That uses a Realtek RTL8192EU chip that is supported by the kernel (according to the database, since kernel version 4.9). No additional drivers should be needed.

I used this to find the information:


oh, tysm for the good news! Much appreciated <3

Just because a WiFi chip is supported in the kernel doesn’t automatically make it a good choice. Some in-kernel WiFi drivers are very poor performers and have many known issues. I would put that realtek offering in the poor performance category. I would personally not recommend purchasing that WiFi card.

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huh… not very good to hear this

why don’t you think that it would be ok?

i need like 30 mbps and stable wifi off a 100mbps network at home cuz at office I have ethernet and bcz at home I might only push stuff to the GitHub servers

it’s quite some money, but idk if I can find smth better cuz at home I also have a older d link wifi card that has worked 1 yr ago when testing it with ubuntu 22.04

If you are looking at Realtek adapters then these models have better drivers and are likely more future proof:

is this any better ? this is what I have at home for the windows 10 pc, it worked with ubuntu live stick before

The manufacturers model number is irrelevant. It is the WiFi chip inside that should be the deciding factor.

Please read below:


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