Is this security?

My Dear government just released a new "Security" App

For use for purchases online.
To access our sensitive documents
For banking

How it works:

Open whatever store that supports government authentication.
Input username on purchase completion.
Open app.
Input password.

Is this safe?

Oh, it also needs access to contacts on the phone <.- Why?? WHO KNOWS!!!

Also, locks me out from my banking app on the phone.
It's mandatory btw.

Here is a link to app page, look at the score it got
MitID on Google app store


Sounds like an in-house reimplementation of Duo. Not sure why they need to make a worse version of that.

(Also, Magisk Hide can help for rooted phones.)


The comments on the app page....priceless. :joy:

In my book, governments pushing security tech is a frightening scenario.


It's mandatory?! To have a phone app? What totalitarian country do you live in?!?!

"Freedom. We've got it under control"

-The Government.


I am scared of my government.

As I'm from Denmark, as you might have realized from the flag, it is one of the best countries to live in.
As of right now, I press doubt on that!!

That app is a welcome mat for scammers, how da fuq that idea came to be, probably some drug party happend.


Well, Indian Government is doing great, at least here. Indian government has developed BHIM App for Digital Payments. But only complainers write the review, I guess. Overall rating is 4.1 which is really very good keeping in mind that it is developed by government agencies.

UPI has become so popular that even street vendors accept payments through it. Best part is that it is Open source. It recorded more than USD $100 billion transactions in one month (October 2021)
It is so popular that amazon and google made their own interfaces for money transfers via UPI , AmazonPay and GooglePay respectively.
Even whatsapp integrated payment in the app.

Also, you might have seen UPI option in

Just scan the QR Code, enter amount, enter password and money sent. There is no transaction cost.

And off course, it is not mandatory.

I guess I went too far
Note: I do not have any political intentions


ORlyMon , Denmark is known to be adversary so an open scammer invitation may turn to be a good think after all.
Also you have the great chance to spend all you have before someone gets to it :smiley:

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I wish Denmark could learn from your governments example.

As Christmas is around the corner, many criminals are working double time to make a program to exploit the hell out of this.

It feels like an alpha, and they tossed the QA out the window.

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I'm sure it'll be fine. M$ threw their QA out on the street (with pretty decent severance cheques) years ago and there's been no ill effects from that. :smirk:


If cyber security was the only thing to consider, then probably yes.

But there are several other factors, like crime, pollution, economy etc. That Indian government has yet to deal with.

Most of the cyber scams in India are due to people's own stupidity nowadays. Like if you tell your banks password and even otp to some random caller, or get lured into buying cheap product and make advance payment online without verifying the source, you will obviously be scammed. These are most common scams in India nowadays.


Those scam callers are calls the whole world, I was called by one that impersonated as a Microsoft Tech support, so I feel ya, but Jim Browning did a cool job getting a scam ring in India taken down.

But yes, one self is the best/worst defense against scammers.

Double check everything, but even Jim Browning got caught in a scam, actually made a great video about it.


Yeah, I have seen videos by that guy too.

But I never really recieved any scam phone call. May be because I keep my number and official email as private as possible. I install only fully legitimate and trusted apps in my phone. So, no scammer can sniff me ( at least I think so ).

Privacy matters!


If only those official firms could be as bothered with securing your/our data as you (though to be fairer to them than they deserve, they are much bigger targets).

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ou they do :smiley: .... We have the gdpr :D:D:D and the quick legal work arounds as "the data you provide && in order to use our services " lines in the agreements make the gdpr no sense.
So I agree with Naman "Privacy" if possible!!!
We are the one that provide the information or agree to give info away!
When I was in Denmark there was an app "krak" quite f...up of privacy point of view. Hope they have close down now.

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I had phone call the other week saying my windows 10 installation had a virus and they needed me to allow them access to fix it as it had shown up?
I said thats funny i use garuda linux?
He hung up :grinning:
He never fixed my virus :grinning:


I got it vaccinated and it gets extremely regular boosters.


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