Is there support for 3840x2160 monitors?

Hi just made the jump of to Garuda and I'm in love. Small issue though, I just plugged into my Samsung 49in ultrawide (3840x2160) and when I look at the display settings, I only see 1920x1080 as the best resolution. Is there or will there be support for a monitor of this size? As it is now, it's much too stretched to use on a regular basis.

Also, is this common across all the different Garuda versions?

Thanks all for the help!

pls give more information about graphics you use

Right now I'm just using onboard graphics on my Lenovo Thinkpad x1carbon.

I also have an external GPU with an AMD graphics card but I'm not using that yet. Neither of these have caused me issues with other distros in the past, though I've never used KDE so I'm unsure if it's a Garuda thing or a KDE thing.

Hope that helps, and thanks!

What about the monitor itself, has it ever run in 4K before and if yes was it on that exact machine you just described?

Yes, 4k was running in both Manjaro with i3 and in Windows. When I launch the display settings, I see that it detects the correct resolution for the display, but doesn't actually let me select that resolution in the dropdown

My deepest apologies all, it seems it was trying to change the resolution of my lapop screen, I figured out how to change it on the external monitor.

User error - apologies again and thanks.

My Sony was a pain to setup in 4K HD. The Sony options to 4K are buried in sub levels in their settings utility and they are not very descriptive about what the settings actually do.

It took a ton of searching online to actually figure out the convoluted Sony setup process to get 4K to work with Garuda. I hope Samsung TV's are a little more straight forward.

Glad you got it working

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