Is there a way to share desktop to LG tv?

Hi. On Windows, I was able to connect to my LG tv through WiFi and watch movies there played from computer. Is there a way to do it in Graruda? I am using Dr460nized KDE environment. Thanks.

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Tried to. All I was able to find was Miracast but I dont know if that is what I need and what packages I need

I will leave it to others to offer suggestions as I do not use screen casting on Linux. I simply connect my computer to tv via hdmi.

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That is unfortunately not an option for me, since those two devices are on different floors of my house

Hi @Raadush,
The easiest way I can suggest you is using KODI with DLNA enabled.

Also, it's worth reading about minidlna


Yes, KODI is exactly what I am using. So KODI is able to find that TV through WiFi on its own?

Your LG TV should detect KODI. You should be able to browse through KODI from your TV. However, to achive this you should turn on DLNA in KODI manually.


So I had a partial success. Installed KODI, enabled DLNA, inside KODI, I am able to play movie from video addon (right click on movie and select Play on... where I select my TV). On TV I see Garuda media server, but it is empty and even Kodi looks like the movie is playing on remote device, I cant find it anywhere on my TV :smiley:

But at least it works as media server, but I have to have movies downloaded directly in my filesystem. But I suppose that there are native packages, that allow DLNA media sharing without need of KODI?

I use Plex (with Plexpass) and Plexamp for all my media. There's also a free alternative called Jellyfin. Haven't tried that, but it's supposed to work just like Plex.



All I have tried was casting local file to TV. I have not yet tried casting online contents.

But these might be helpful for you: