Is there a non-btrfs version?

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i would love to use garuda linux but i cannot use it as bedrock linux does not support btrfs + grub, so i was wondering if there is a non btrfs version i can use? specifically i would like to use the dragonized kde gaming edition, cheers!

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Nope, but you can change the fle system after installation.
Than you are on your own, you lost the snapshot function, if bedrock can boot Garuda IDK, maybe refind can.
Now I will whoogle what bedrock is. :slight_smile:

Bedrock Linux is a meta Linux distribution which allows users to mix-and-match components from other, typically incompatible distributions.

So, have fun.


Grub with BTRFS or ZFS

When GRUB updates grub.cfg on BTRFS it adds a subvol= field. Similarly, on ZFS it adds a ZFS= field.

GRUB's logic to populate these fields via grub-mkrelpath/grub2-mkrelpath appears to be confused under Bedrock and mis-populate the BTRFS and ZFS fields. This will cause boot failures.

Until this is resolved, it is strongly recommended not to use Bedrock, GRUB, and BTRFS/ZFS. Any two of the three is fine; consider another bootloader or filesystem.

Some quick digging into grub-mkrelpath's source found:

  • grub-mkrelpath gets the major:minor number of the root directory via stat()
  • grub-mkrelpath then parses /proc/self/mountinfo to find a line with the same major:minor number.

This is fine on most distros which only mount the root partition once. However, Bedrock's use of bind-mounts results in multiple /proc/self/mountinfo entries with the same major:minor number, which in turn means grub-mkrelpath may grab the wrong one.

Looks like you might be able to use it with refind, according to their documentation. The combination of all 3 is the problem and they suggest a different bootloader.


I'm confused as to why Garuda is not viable because of something that's not Garuda-related?

Can't you install using one of the provided installation images, and then get a working Garuda installation, all set up and ready to go with all of the included Garuda goodness?


No, Garuda is Garuda and BTRFS is part of the deal.

But you can do nearly as well by using one of the myriad of vanilla "Arch-based" Calamares installer images, then add the Garuda and Chaotic AUR repositories. Add Endeavour's. Add Arcolinux's, whatever.

I won't tell you what they are or where they are--that's for your own research to accomplish. Plus, I don't care to be involved when you eventually break your installation.

But you could also have some fun getting to that point.


Create partitions beforehand as you wish and specify custom mountpoints when installing.

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That is exactly how I set up my unofficial, unsupported Garuda-off-the-cuff setups. Not keen to BTRFS personally, not yet anyway, and I love Timeshift, so, this way works really well for me. :+1:


hello, thanks for the reply, where can i find documentation for changing the filesystem?

the issue here is bedrock works by adding new os's onto bedrock and i already have some ext-4's so i dont believe i can use the btrfs version at all unless i want to just get rid of everything and clean install Garuda, which atm isnt viable, thanks for the reply though!

bedrock is not a piece of software but rather its own os which mix and matches components of other os's; the file system compatibility with the bedrock + my current setup which is ubuntu is the issue

hello, thanks for the reply, can you point me to some documentation? im fine with doing my own research but i would like a pointer. believe it or not i think this might be the most helpfull awnser because i can very easilly install arch or any other arch based os on my os with brl fetch arch and just install those aur's i just need the proper docs. thanks!

thanks for the awnser, but i currently im not at a place where i can replace my os as i need it for work, and i have my drive full encrypted so for now thats not viable, but it is something to consider for the future.

wondering if you can point me to some docs and also expand upon what your setup is? i would like to hear

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