Is there a Google Lens (live translation of text) program for desktop?

I dont know if i can post such questions here, if not just close/delete this.

Im in search of a Google Lens like application for linux. I want to have its live translation feature on desktop. I have found several so called “OCR” programms, but they all only work with screenshots or other still images.

It does not even need to be a native desktop app.
I would also accept .exe with wine, or even workaround or other solutions with the same result.

No, everything it gives me are just image to text stuff, no live translation like google lens does sadly.

Have you, ahem, Googled it? :slight_smile:


of course.

You will be very hard-pressed to find something with this functionality that does more than just a single image at a time.


Then the polite thing to do is tell us everything you have already read, tried, the results, etc. so we don’t waste our time recreating the wheel, isn’t it? :slight_smile:


What? like i already said in the question itself is that i have found a lot of OCR programs, but none with the functionality i wanted. That already implies that i tried google. Also, read and results? Do you want that i just link for example alternativo here? because i cant possible list all OCR and similar programs i have found here because there are dozens.

Yes! Otherwise you waste the time of everyone who might help you. Everyone who would, is a volunteer.

Failure on your part to adequately research, trial, and explain all–in detail–is your fault, no one else’s

Linux is largely a self-help OS. And if you won’t help us to help you, nobody else is going to waste their time on your little “problem.”

That’s how it works. If you can’t deal with that, I’m sure Windows will hold your hand for you.

But I know you’re the adventurous-type or you would not be here, so journey onward, pilgrim! :smiley:


My question was also meant for everyone who knows an alternative, not a request to search for one for me.

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If you don’t find a single alternative to Google Lens in your search, then it could be because there aren’t any…


You can try [BaK]LLaVA with direction for OCR, but unless you’re a developer yourself, you’re probably in for a hard time. It’s not really “ready”, and it CERTAINLY won’t run smoothly without a lot of power.


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