Is ther a KDE plasma download?

Hello, I was considering either SteamOS 3 or Garuda for linux and would like KDE Plasma as my desktop. Is the "KDE Dragonized" KDE plasma? if so, is there a way to download it without the "Dragonized" part as to have a little bit less 'Bloatware' (that is not the right term, I just can't think of a better one yet).

Thank you for your responses.

It is plasma. It sounds like you are interested in the KDE lite version.

All the way at the bottom of the downloads page.


Ok, I saw that one, but wasn't sure if it was it since it was for "advanced users only."
Is it the full KDE Plasma or is it a stripped down version of plasma? Just so that I know if I have to find and download extra plasma features or not. Below is a video link to the reason I am asking this question:

It is a matter of perspective. It is stripped down compared to dr4g0nized.

On the other hand dr4g0nized is stripped down compared to gaming.

There is no perfect out of the box install that will please everyone.


Ok, thank you for answering my questions.

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