Is sway working out of the box like hyprland for nvidia drivers?

I want to test it in my optimus laptop (Intel+nvidia) . But the problem is sway is not playing well with Nvidia… I wonder if this edition from Garuda is configured out of the box or not…

Hyprland does not automatically work with * Nvidia GPU’s.
At least not with all of them.
So you just have to test it yourself with a live ISO, if Hyprland worked for you OOTB it might be identical for Sway.

* As always, please post the garuda-inxi!


Yes hyprland worked with the latest iso downloaded from forum,not from downloads section.

For being seen as a good netizen of this forum by others , don’t forget to post the output of the command garuda-inxi :slightly_smiling_face:

It is a norm !!!:wink:

Thank you for reminding me the norm :smile:

For the time being, I have tested all window managers, and decided to stay with desktop environment, e.g. dragonized edition as my optimus laptop is working well with kde. I will use Wayland window managers when I will have AMD… till now I am happy being a user of dragonized edition… :slightly_smiling_face:

Sway and Hyprland both work out of the box with the Nouveau drivers.

Hyprland seems to handle the proprietary drivers in unpredictable ways. For most cases, it does not work “out of the box”. My understanding was, at the very least, early module loading needed to be set up, but your claim is you have it working without that so…I suppose it remains consistently inconsistent. :game_die::game_die:

Sway emphatically does not work with Nvidia drivers without additional configuration. They can (usually) be made to work, but it needs to be explicitly set up.

Over the holiday break I wrote a guide for how to do it, but I have not published it yet because the reference for the guide is a new Sway ISO I haven’t been able to actually build or test due to an ongoing issue with Calamares. So: a document describing how to configure Sway to use the proprietary drivers is “Coming SoonTM.