Is swap partition necessary when installing linux?

Do I need to make a swap partition during garuda install? I read somewhere some linux distros just make swap files

I'd recommend using swap partitions as they are usually more efficient, atleast in my experience. Might depend on the processing power of your machine aswell but I recommend swap partitions.

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If you have enough available RAM, no, you don't need swap of any kind.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, and if horses could fly we wouldn't need jetpacks. :smiley:

@newb: It depends on several factors. Better to do more reading than can be found in forum replies. We don't know what is best for you, because we don't know your machine or computing practices.


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Not necessary but still useful, especially if you have low amount of RAM.

My machine is old. Q9300 cpu and 8 gb of ddr2 ram. I just couldn't be sure if garuda makes swap file on main partition when necessary

It all depends on your habits, if you have 10 tabs open on firefox and gaming you are looking for trouble with no swap. If you are just using it for emails you are likely good but you really should have at least some swap.


Thanks. I better have some swap partition just in case. Is 8 gb good enough?

8GB should be fine for that setup.

I second the use of some sort of swap with 8GB of memory, as it's pretty easy to run low especially if you let your web browser tabs get away from you.

With 16GB ram I don't ever really use the swap, but I like having some there in case something Bad(TM) happens. Better than a out of memory kernel panic!

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