Is possible Change de color of Garuda Logo in Terminal?

Hello Garuda users.

I have a little question if is possible change the color of logo of garuda in Terminal like neofetfch thing.

Please tell me if is possible and how i can change it for more personalization.

I'm not a expert in terminar so if u can give me a commands bettter pls.

Use this image like example

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It's easy-peazy:

The image it uses is:

Copy it to somewhere in your home directory and edit it with your favorite image editor.

Then copy
to somewhere in your home directory (I suggest /home/{username}/.config/fastfetch)

Change its name to whatever you like, then edit it so the line starting with --kitty points to the new graphic.

fastfetch --load-config /home/{username}/.config/fastfetch/{your-new-config}


Hope this helps!


In case it helps:
I Blue It


Hi, i found the icons in /usr/share/icons/garuda/ and i edit one but i dont have /.config/fastfetch/confignew

directory, can u helpm a little more with that pls?

I marked the post as solved, by the way, it is not allowed to replace the two existing logos.

I like the logos but i just want another colors custom

Just run fastfetch plain without switches, and it should create the directory for you along with a default config.

If not,
$ mkdir ~/.config/fastfetch


you are searching the wrong dir


it should already have a config.conf
catra asked you to create a new config file there.


Thanks for the info i changed the logo but the config in garuda is in


But really thanks it works with custom colors logo

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