Is not booting

When I boot into the welcome screen, the first screen, and I click on boot with open source drivers it goes into a black screen and last night. It stayed like that for eight hours. It’s just not stopping.
. I meet all the minimum specs and I’m just booting from a USB drive. I don’t have any graphics cards on my computer, so I don’t see the need to Boot with proprietor drivers.
And mention in the title, I am in the KDE dragonised edition
Can I use an older version and then update using
because that sounds far simpler

Have you checked fastboot and secureboot are turned of in your bios


BIOS = UEFI only
AHCI = on

Try ventoy to create the USB stick.
Try a different USB stick.
Try a different USB port.
Try booting a different Linux distribution.
Manufacturer and model of your PC?

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maybe you should try proprietary drivers, it had happened to me in past that I wasn’t able to boot from opensource one so I chosed proprietary

PS: this was an experience on nvidia graphics card

garuda welcome 2

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