Is linux-zen still the best kernel?

Is linux-zen still the best kernel to use?
Or are we missing out on even better kernels?
I want to suggest that we should have a thread pinned in the forum for discussing different kernels, where anyone can share their experiences and benchmarks about the different kernels they use.
Like this one we had some time before: Kernel Benchmarking Results - Zen, cacULE, TKG, BORE
I think if Garuda's developers can agree on a better kernel, we should occasionally change our default kernel based on which is the best.

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Other custom kernels may have problems booting on certain hardware, that's why Zen is used instead of ie. tkg kernel.


Best for who?

If there was a universally "best" kernel, we wouldn't need all these options.....


We have used other kernels than Zen in the past. However, there were too many issues with some people's hardware, so we reverted to using the Zen kernel again.


We could at least have an open thread for discussing kernels, cause it’s always nice to read others opinions.
Or we could just keep the above linked thread open?

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Yeah, you can certainly discuss in community. You can create new topics yourself.
But that topic was closed because of a reason, because that discussion is no more relevant. Kernels change, the latest hardware change, some people come and go etc.

It would be better if you open a new thread, and then, if we feel like merging it with some old thread, we can easily merge it.

There are certain threads that are open for discussion too, but it would be better if you open a new one.

Coming back on topic, as @ tbg already told you, we did try a kernel ( tkg kernel ) instead of zen in past, and it was troublesome on a whole lot of hardware configurations, we came back to zen.


Currently, I don’t have anything special to share, but sure sometime in the future.
Thanks for the explanation.

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I quickly tried Zanmod and had hardware issues on my laptop (don't remember what) so I reverted back without troubleshooting further.

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I can recommend bore kernel. Best kernel I’ve run out of zen, cacule, xanmod, tkg and any other I tried so far

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what did you like about it better?

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Just performed better and felt smoother basically.

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