Is it worth to switch to garuda linux from windows , I have asus rog flow x13 with AMD Ryzen9 , 16 GB RAM

Hello friends ,
I want to switch to garuda linux but have some doubt.

  1. I have good processor and Ram and other hard ware , Is it worth to switch to linux will linux repect all hardware. and how features like windows.
    some of features I concern about
    - Proper stylus Support
    - Tablet mode
    - convertible (360 rotation ) laptop features
    - Auto rotation
    - keyboard off in folded mode or tablet mode

This is not windows so no,
The features you have mentioned are certainly something you can have in your system but not right out of the box like 'doze. You would have to google search what software is needed to implement these features in your system and even then the hardware might not necessarily be compatible with the software. The biggest reason behind this is that most of the drivers in a traditional 'doze laptop are closed source.

What you can expect out of the box:
If you are on dr460nized version of garuda like me then folding your laptop screen will disable touchpad but that’s it.
Touch screen works but touching somewhere on screen emulates a mouse click, not quite like a “tablet”.

That’s all… I have certainly seen people implement the features that you want your laptop to retain but you would have to look at what software is needed to do this on your own. Use google/searx/whoogle/etc… to find out this information since every hardware is different.


As Kiss-my-axe said Linux is not WindBLOWS. It would be helpful to those looking at this thread if you would include your system specs, cause then they can tell you what they found to make the various features you asked about work. As for setting the OS up to have a similar looking and feel to WinBLOWS yes you can tweak the layout that way. I maintain both my and my roommates machines and they are both tweaked that way.


If you’re not sure you can always try Live USB although it may not meet your needs if you need to install additional packages to get the functionality you’re looking for with tablet mode etc. Dual Booting is also an option, to install alongside Windows to evaluate Garuda before fully committing to installing.

Nobody can answer the question of if Garuda/Linux is right for you, only you can. Why not just try it and find out?


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