Is it safe to remove all package cache with stacer?

Hello, as the title says I don't know if it is safe, I have just a about two weeks since I leaved W11 so I don't know much about this.

I'm currently using Stacer for this but the size seems a little too big.

The first day I installed Garuda Linux (about two weeks ago I think) I had a problem when I deleted all orphans and had to reinstall, so I'm trying to don't mess things again.
Also, how can I know which orphans should I remove and which not?

Sorry if my English is not correctly written

Yes, it is safe. You will loose some options in case of problems with your packages, but there are always alternatives.
Read more here:



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Btw, you can also use cache cleaning options in Garuda Assistant. There are both options to clear package cache as well as other ( that is application ) cache.


Stacer is your friend. After you clean your cache (dirty, dirty cache,) just reboot. The system and programs rebuild their caches. It is a always good to do a little blowout now and again.


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