Is it possible to install sound themes in Garuda KDE?

I saw some system sounds for XFCE and Gnome DEs in the KDE store. Is it possible to install them in Garuda KDE? If so, please guide me on how to install them.

Thanks in advance :blush:

Share the link and also tell us how you would like to use them. Your question is very vague.

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Yes, install Oxygen-sounds to get basic default sounds working and customize using notification settings.


Sound themes project is great.

KDE/Plasma, being excellent, can use any compatible sound file, since you may manually choose sound file per notification event.

Check in Notifications System Settings.


Windows has the ability to change any sound. But that got boring. It became more interesting to change all the texts in the regestry, but that too got boring over time.
I am happy to have finally found a distro that I hardly have anything to tweak.


A few years ago a friend of mine edited the search text in windows to say Search this peice of spyware.

That is an exaggeration of what is possible. I myself got so upset with the regestry that Win refused to start.

Have you tries open shell?

But yeah, quite a lot.
Stop chat.

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I like to have 'system sounds' like in Windows. Windows usually have sound settings. When it is selected, Windows make a sound when you open or close any window and when you get a notification or error. I saw the following 'sound themes' in the KDE store:


Hi, Thank you so much for your suggestion. When I tried to install Oxygen-sounds, I got the following errors;
error: oxygen-5.21.4.tar.xz: signature format error
error: 'oxygen-5.21.4.tar.xz': invalid or corrupted package (PGP signature)
What should I do next?

How you try?
I use pacman in terminal and it work.

sudo pacman -Syu oxygen-sounds
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Using the add/remove app, you can search the repos for "sound-theme" -- you'll find several that can be installed.

Changing sound themes, I don't remember how to do that; and I can't find any settings in the settings manager to change the sound theme.

Hopefully, someone remembers how.


Thanks for your help. I installed it as you have suggested. I was trying 'git clone...' method to install it. I got sounds when plugging in and off from power now. I think I have to explore more to get more sounds.

Thank you. I saw more sound-themes in 'add/remove' app.
Yes, I too don't find any settings manager to change sounds like changing themes and icons.
If there is any settings manager for sound-themes, we can customize sounds. ::

In KDE System Settings => Notifications


Thank you!

Found it in KDE System Settings > Notifications > Application Settings > Plasma Workspace


Thank you Amun-Ra and Petsam. Now, I am able to change sound themes ::

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