Is it possible/safe to remove irqbalance package?

Following a laptop setup guide in this forum, I installed auto-cpufreq and its relative extension for gnome shell integration. But when I run it, I am presented with this

I tried to add noirqbalance to the kernel parameters, but it still displays "irq balance detected".
So, is it safe to remove this package? And is there a way to do so? Because when I tried to run

paru -R irqbalance the output was:
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing irqbalance breaks dependency 'irqbalance' required by garuda-common-settings

Thanks in advance for any input or opinion on this matter

It's listed under so I'm not sure why its presence would be an issue.

What problem are you trying to resolve by removing it?


I would like to use auto-cpufreq but I think it locks some features if you have irqbalance because the developer says that

  • irqbalance doesn't support fully all kernel features to an example a turning on/off core threads supported by the extension. If you have installed irqbalance package and turn off some cores you can get freezes or not working devices like wi-fi, bluetooth, video cards, sound cards...
  • irqbalance is not a part of the Linux kernel.
  • It designed for special server configurations with many RAID/HDD/SDD controllers.
  • Only Debian Flowers have the irqbalance installed because Debian is very Server oriented. Red Hat doesn't have installed irqbalance by default but it doesn't make Red Hat less server OS.
  • It keeps all Linux core threads working so its not good for power saving, especially for laptops.
  • Any user-space application (like games, compilation...) can not get 100% of CPU resources on any thread because it's always sharing this resources with IO tasks.

I don't know if that's true, so I was asking because I don't want to break my system (even though thanks to timeshift I should be able to go back)


What about just masking its service?


Thank you! That worked like a charm! Apparently disabling it was not enough for some reason, I didn't even know that masking was a thing

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