Is Garuda Linux Dragonized Gaming Edition for everyone?

Hii Everyone.
I am a Windows 10 user, using for 5 months.
I want to switch to Garuda because of it's themes, appearance and also because linux is light and fast operating system. I want to install Dragonized gaming edition.
I dont know codes or use of terminal, just want to use garuda as I used to use Windows. And want to use Photoshop, Illustrator with Wine.

Is Garuda Linux is for me??

If you learned to use Win you can learn to use Linux too :slight_smile:
Download the ISO, boot the live session and try out.

Maybe you can but on Linux you have Krita, Inkscape, Gimp and Blender (for free, donate something if you like).

Is Garuda Linux Dragonized Gaming Edition for everyone?

Yes , if somebody is interessted in Computer technic and no for the rest :smiley:




Its possible that these dont run well under WINE, depending on what kind of work you do with it they can be replaced with the already mentioned applications. Linux is also a mindset imo. Nothing is better than trying it yourself though.


Thanks dude for helping me.

But if you learn to use Linux, you might not be able to learn to use Windows any more.


Dragonized gaming is 4.1GB.
But KDE dragonized is 2.1GB.
I will play CS:GO only and run apps like Gimp, Krita.
Do I need to install D. Gaming edition or KDE Dragonized will run all these also??
And if you want to suggest me any other editions, Please tell me.

No, in this case go for the regular version. In fact all the stuff in the gaming edition can also be installed using setup assistant & Garuda Gamer application. Since you just mentioned the three applications its better to just add them after installation instead of having to remove other stuff you dont use :wink:

Every Garuda edition has the same features under the hood so its entirely up to your personal preference, what looks best to you etc.


Thanks dude. Thanks a lot.

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You can install Photoshop with Wine, but the installation is so faulty that it is unusable.
Learn to use gimp. You will enjoy it a lot!


I apologize for my inappropriate contribution.


Don't be sorry dude. It's ok

@MrJD as someone who used Photoshop and Illustrator for many years before switching to Gimp and Inkscape, I can tell you that they are every bit as advanced in capability as the Adobe packages. They also have large learning curves just like the Adobe packages due to how much they have built in.

I have not yet found anything that simply couldn't be done. I have found a couple cases where it was harder in Gimp, and a couple times where things typically done in Photoshop are actually easier to do in Inkscape instead of Gimp. If you google for what you want to do you will find tons of help though, I have always been able to get what I needed online. If you aren't already an expert in Photoshop/Illustrator I doubt you would ever notice these differences.

Just about every expensive software has an open source Linux equivalent, in many cases more than one. I recommend searching for these before doing anything in Wine.


of course, this is a truth many who want to switch recognize, but still cant make the jump.
The reason its so hard for users of photoshop and the like to switch to the (probably better) alternatives, is that adoblebubble own the market. its what everyone uses. if you go into a team of designers or go out as a freelance and are able to do all this wonderful work, no one will want to work with you- and you wont enjoy it either- when they give you photoshop files and you deal in non-photoshop files. They cant open your stuff, you cant open theirs.

Only when you start using a different application to everyone else do you notice how much talking was done in assumption that all parties are using the same software.

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If your other OS support is on life support & you're considering options ... there really are only two. Replace your machine/OS or jump in full monty to Linux.



Well I can only speak to my personal experience, I haven't had any of my Photoshop or Illustrator objects that couldn't be read in Gimp and Inkscape. Gimp can also export to Photoshop format among many others, so I'm not sure whether there's really an issue with some specific formatting that just doesn't transform properly or something, but the capability is there in the tool and I've never had any issues creating photoshop files from gimp for someone who had to have that format, or tiff, or any number of other formats.

Sometimes people think gimp can't save photoshop format because they are looking for that in the "save as" area, it's not there, it's in the "export as" menu.

I think you might be underestimating how many people actually recognize Gimp/Inkscape as a valid set of tools to use for professional graphic design, there are plenty that use these tools professionally and often people will be happy to accept a wide range of formats even if they default to asking for photoshop first. Most often in my work there has been at least some format or another that can be acceptable.

Generally, linux open source software that are replacements for popular paid software almost always gets created with conversion utility to read the common formats whether vendors like Adobe like it or not, often the tools can also write back out into those formats too.

I do have an example where I can't write back to a format so these do exist on some packages. I tried to use LibreOffice as a replacement for Microsoft Visio, and even though it can read all the visios I've ever tried, it can't write back the changes in visio format. Since my company standardized on visio for diagrams I'm pretty much forced to keep a windows instance around just for Visio.


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