Is Garuda Linux a heavy arch distro?

Hello there, i'm currently tempted to switch to Garuda Linux from another Arch-based distro but it look quite resource-eater and i saw some user with more than 8/10% used by the kwin process. So I come to question myself here about the "power"/efficiency of Garuda ? I mean, is the distro heavy ?

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I would say it is not a heavy distro because:

RAM and System load

On my machine, Garuda Linux takes 1.4GB of RAM when IDLE and currently I am using CPU intensive applications like Chrome, Firefox etc. but still the load factor is 0.4 only which is a very acceptable number on a multi core system. When the system is on idle, the load factor becomes 0.1

Battery Life

Before this, on my Base Arch System (KDE + very minimum packages and background process) the battery lasted for 2.5 hours but in Garuda linux it is lasting for 2 hours 15 mins. (On Windows, barely 40 mins)

Responsiveness of the System
It's very fast. sometimes I load videos on mpv and it loads instantaneous which makes me surprised sometimes. This I haven't observed with any other OS I have used. Probably have to do with the kernel and it's compatibility with my machine


Thank you for the answer, i may have been convinced ahah. I was actually afraid to install a heavy and slow (slow for a arch system because it will always be faster than windows i suppose)

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Why do you think this? Because it uses zram and will cache data in RAM so it is read faster than from disk?

I can lift it with my little finger.


For this sort of unquantifiable question, the best answer is install it and see for yourself.


Install KDE Barebones then go bonkers on your machine and customize the hell out of it. :rofl:

Barebones takes much less resource than others but requires more familiarity with Linux in general and Arch in particular.


I am mostly on 4GB of ram and 4 core pentium N4200. Surprisingly doable. Chrome and few tabs open works well. battery life very decent. better than windows I can say for sure .I am loving the restore points. I was compiling on (passively cooled laptop) on 4 threads and was using chrome playing music. Manjaro is less pretty and don't have timeshift restore points. if you remove (but why would you, the latte dock, ram usage is the same. Kde feels great here on Intel 505 graphics.