Is Garuda barebones really that difficult? 🧐

No, not at all, it's just Arch Linux +

  • Calamares installer +
  • btrfs +
  • timeshift preconfigured +
  • software like ananicy & nohang +
  • ZRAM enabled by default
  • chaotic aur +
  • Garuda welcome
    (from where you can use and install other Home-grown Garuda goodies by installing pamac & garuda-assistant from a terminal)

If you compare kde-barebones with the Dragonized edition
It's just Dragonized - (minus)

  • kde & latte configurations -
  • Kde-servicemenus-rootactions -
  • applet-window-buttons -
  • Hide Titles (kwin script) -
  • pamac and all garuda-goodies preinstalled and preconfigured -
  • other utilities
    (these are all I noticed and found useful for my system)

All of which are added as per the interest and preferences of the Edition-maintainer (our dearest #dr460nf1r3). And all these are wonderful and provided out-of-the-box to us. But these customizations could have been easily done by us; it's just a matter of installing some packages and configuring them (we have a GUI for all of these!).
Though, it's that simple, it requires some effort, time and awareness about these packages.
I myself was a fan of Dragonized-edition, but I wasn't a big fan of 'dragons all the time'
So I started using barebones, and customized it my way.

The reason I am writing this is: Why is barebones treated as some "dangerous stuff" with a caution sign --> not to be tried at home :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, only for advanced users :sweat_smile:, No support for barebones!(really, how is it different from the curated ones?) --> all these actually scare away beginners from it and not many people know about Garuda-barebones. And recently I have come across the internet, some people saying 'Garuda is not customizable and only for newbies' !! (cause they don't know about Barebones-editions ) :thinking:, maybe encouraging Barebones-edition might increase Garuda's user-base.

And of course we can't help them customize their own desktops!

I have never read that Barebones is "dangerous stuff" but I do believe it is not for newcomers to Linux or maybe even KDE. Here in the Garuda forums, where the forum helpers are too busy to handle the help questions and procedures newcomers have doing that which you just lined out. Hence no support.

It's easy for experienced Linux users, especially KDE users, to flesh out KDE however they want. Newcomers, not so much and they will have a lot of questions and help requests. My opinion, and I'm sticking to it.

Maybe you could provide all of that support?


Basically I would agree with you about most of the stuff you pointed out. Barebones is a perfectly usable installation on its own, with completely stock KDE as seen in KDE Neon for example.

The configurations however are at times needed, lets say you have a touchpad and want tap to click because you know it from Windows but you aren't able to find the option to enable it. ( A lot of people dont seem to be finding the easiest settings for whatever reasons, definitely one thing I learned from the time I spend in this forum :smiley: ) Out of these users, a small amount would probably sign up here to ask how to enable the touchpad resulting in a lot of #4xx topics.
Another example - there are a lot of little applications which might be useful such as libinput-gestures. Stock KDE does not provide the possibility of using actual gestures to trigger basically anything (also navigating between workspaces, windows etc) - I bet a lot of people just use whats default without researching for actual possibilities so why wouldn't we provide a way to use these capabilities?

This is a severe crime that must be punished! :eyes:

That is actually the best thing which could happen I guess. You installed Garuda, seemed to get more familiar with it and then just created your own variant of it. Isn't that what makes Linux special, just being able to change things on demand? :thinking:

Which is something not everyone can or wants to do. You said it yourself:

And therefore its for "advanced users" only to save both the people which would ask these questions and mods time :grin:


@dr460nf1r3 thank you for the time you spend for the right answer.