Is copying /home directory sufficient in keeping all my files


So I ran out of space on a partition and I decided to extend the partition. After doing so, I would get a grub rescue error. I tried following some tutorials to fix it, but nothing worked. Anyways, I ended up just moving my /home directory to another drive and I plan on just copying it to the original drive after a fresh install. I was able to see some, but not all my file on the /home directory (i asume alot are hidden) during the live install. Is this sufficient in keeping all my personal files?

All of your user files are stored in /home, if that is what you mean. Files owned by root (configs you have set up in /etc, for example) are not part of that.

If you are changing DEs I would recommend going through the hidden files you mentioned and get rid of anything you don't want or need. It is easy to inadvertently introduce conflicts with dotfiles from an old installation that shouldn't be there.


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