Ipod 6 garuda no connection

When I connect the iPod 6 to garuda, the device connects, appears in the list in dolphin, but when I click on the device to upload files, the error Internal error appears
File a bug at https://bugs.kde.org
Raw return code from lockdownd library: “-5”
Is an inxi file needed for this?

file a bug to KDE :slight_smile:

Garuda can’t help here but always post the garuda-inxi :smiley:

Then we can save ourselves the unnecessary intermediate step
and a post by having to write Yes in this post.

It seems like I sent it, but it seems like I didn’t, everything there is so sophisticated and complicated, it was not clear what and where to click. But however, on ubuntu it is the Deepin ipod that connects and everything works immediately without errors. But if everything was there and configured for games, it would be my system, but I have to install a bunch of things.

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