Invalid or corrupted package (PGP signature):

Warning: Im bad speak English xD

This massage - "Invalid or corrupted package (PGP signature):" show every time when I tried to download something in "Add/Remove Software", or update.

Can I fix this?

Thanks for help!

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Welcome, @on1x :wave:

See here:


Thanks, I try this. But, its one big command, or many smalls?

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One at a time.


Okay bro. Big thanks for help!


Damn, its working!
You the best!
Previous variants are not working, only your way fix this problem.

Good luck!

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Welcome to the forum @on1x.

Glad to see @Stroke_Finger assisted you to find your solution.

However, in the future when you receive an error message please be so kind as to search the forum using the error that has been output.

If you had run the error message through the forums search engine you would have found 11 solved threads with your specific error message.

Please search the forum thoroughly in the future before creating help requests.

As your issue is now resolved we can put this thread to bed now.