I reside in the United States but originally from Germany. Im a Business professional by trade. I have a interest in Linux as a non-programmer and want to help shape the larger movement in a holistic way.

What does that mean: I tend to focus on fostering a welcoming culture, calling out abusive or unnecessary moderator behavior, and in general aim to introduce a positive environment to re-brand in many ways the few toxic norms established in the past rise of the Linux community.

I like the linux community and Garuda has easily become my favorite flavor. I use the i3 variation to force myself to learn and immerse into the eco-system.

I hope to meet interesting characters and make friends with technical people in a effort to bridge the more "business oriented" and "technical mindset" of the community! (Work in Progress)

All in all Im new to the whole linux spiel but so far its come a long way from what I remember and is a lot more functional once you learn the ropes.

Best Regards,

Fahim :slight_smile:


Welcome, @FahimZahir :wave: Enjoy your stint with us. :slight_smile:


Welcome to Garuda! Enjoy your time here!


Hi @FahimZahir
Welcome to the community :wave: :beers:


Hi there!


There's nothing like that here, so you can concentrate on programming or other things. :smiley:


It would be an oversight to not participate in promoting a positive community. Of course I will try to contribute where I can.

The absence of the aforementioned isnt sufficient cause to disregard it. There is always something we can improve on a general basis such as chiming in when contributors are being unnecessarily harsh in answering question or promoting a environment of exclusion and behaving brash.

Always good to think about creating a wonderful atmosphere for all to participate and creating a welcoming experience for newcomers!

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Thank you for the warm welcome. I appreciate the wonderful greetings and hope to contribute more as I become more technically competent!

I see that some of the Devs working on Garuda are from India which is a nice cultural touch. (namaste aur mahaan kaam). I see some German devs too so Hallo and wie gehts!


Welcome enjoy your stay!


Will you also call out abusive or unnecessary non-moderator behaviour? Help vampirism is abusive to any community.


If the premise stands:

  1. They have willful knowledge of committing abusive behavior
  2. The question is obviously answerable via google.
  3. They make little effort to produce results towards the solution

Then Yes, I wouldn't mind letting them know.

However there is a fine line between intentionally off-loading your work onto others and not realizing that your line of questioning/behavior classifies as "vampirism." There is a clear learning curve that needs to be addressed when applying these rules to "Newbies." Many new comers may come off as vampiric in their line of questioning but we should consider their lack of expertise and rather than bash them..we can approach them with "Here are resources to your question and some videos to learn about xyz if after your initial attempt you ares till stuck then proceed to post a detailed measure of what you tired and what you dont understand."

The idea of a "Help Vampire" is loaded with the assumption that we all agree on the general caricature of what a help vampire looks like and behaves.

The primary approach is to assume no malice where there is none unless otherwise proven. I think many times we adopt a "Guilt until proven innocent" approach to this issue which deters genuine users who lack technical troubleshooting procedures. We need a discerning eye on scouting true vampire behavior and genuinely low tech knowledge displayed by a user and approaching both situations in a kind manner.

From personal experience I can attest that when I first started my journey..the only way I actually was able to progress is to pick somebodies brain and after a couple failures did I finally grasp a understanding of linux directories etc. Thanks to some lenient people who introduced me to "LearnLinux.Tv" and a few books and who to interpret documentation have I been able to stand on my own slowly.

In short Yes I would call it out but I would be more forgiving to normal users versus Moderators who tend to abuse their power and go against the rules they often enforce.


I can tell you're still quite new to this and haven't become jaded with the standard response to your spending the time doing all of that (for the hundredth time):

"Still didn't work."



LOL. Im "jaded" about a lot of things technically. Ive spent 5 years working as HelpDesk so I totally understand! I think I just try to not let others shift my world view and if I become bitter, jaded, and brash then the person has influenced me and won. They have decided how I will live my life and I let them control my actions.

But I get you. I mean in that sense I would most likely inquire more or really push them on putting in the effort in a civil and nice way of course. Never really know what anybody is going through so I try to stay positive and respectful when I can.


Awesome. The forum will do well having more people who can provide positive help. :wink: