Introduction to myself, :)


Brand new to the Garuda Forums, and rather "new" to Linux in general. New in quotes as I've dabbled with it many times, but never went full in on a device I own.

While my main computer remains on Windows, for gaming purposes mainly (playing some games that are iffy on Linux due to Anti-Cheats... boo...), I've decided that my laptop will be a Linux machine. Should I decide to take the full plunge, Garuda will be my choice of OS. It's a lovely OS, love the Dr470nized KDE, it reminds me when I used to work on Apple Laptops as an Apple Certified Tech... But more "Dragon"!

My laptop is a Framework Laptop 13 (Intel 13th Gen Edition).
Have yet to run into a serious issue, it's been working amazing since I installed it. Battery life is a bit odd, getting 5 hours roughly. Nothing bad really. Great little laptop.

I am a Network Admin by profession. I mainly specialize in Fortinet and Cisco products.

While Linux is still new to me, I've had most of my Linux Experience running Ubuntu Servers on my home NAS. The biggest challenge for me is remembering Pacman and not Apt commands.

Looking forwards to seeing how Garuda evolves, and I'm happy to be a part of it. Developers, wonderful product you have created.




Glorious, is it not?
here we go celebration GIF


Thank you, happy to be here, and using this awesome OS :slight_smile: