Introduction and a small question

Hello everyone! I’m new here but have had the joyful experience of running Garuda as my daily driver for about half a year now. To this date, no other distro has worked as well as Garuda for my setup.

Now for tiny question:

Normally I update weekly, (as someone recommended) but I’ve been away since 2021-06-21.

Aside from any manual interventions on the arch wiki, is there anything Garuda specific I need to worry about before updating?

I will provide an inxi -Faz as soon as I am by the computer.

Thanks everyone for the great work you’re all putting in!

For Garuda you will have this:


@dalto, is that date before or after Pacman's new build and PAMAC going crazy.

@Azurelight, if you have been reading these forums then you'll know whether your updating might crash if you use PAMAC or any other helper.

It would be best to use a terminal to update so that you can handle any needed interventions, on top of what @dalto says.


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It is after. pacman 6 was the very beginning of June I think.


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