Introducing myself ;-)


Recently, I became a happy user of Garuda Linux. I saw several positive experiences on Youtube about this distribution and that won me over.

Gaming on Linux? I used to hear about ¨Wine" but the experiences were very diverse.

If you can really game on Linux, there is nothing stopping me from slowly saying goodbye to Windows here at home. A month ago I already switched to Linux Mint on my laptop and last week I installed Garuda on my gaming PC. Wow, I was really surprised. This was also the first time I tried a variant based on Arch Linux.

I also saw on Youtube that a few played “Horizon Forbidden West”. I heard that a friend was very excited about this game so I also bought it and installed it on Garuda. After some sleuthing and trail and error, I now have Horizon running perfectly on Garuda. Fantastic!

I think it’s a huge achievement that Linux has come this far. I hope to gain a lot of knowledge in the coming time so that I can feel a bit more at home in (Garuda) Linux and contribute one bit to the community here on the forum.

Challenges I still have open for now:

  • Figuring out exactly how FreeSync works
  • Figuring out how to get Mango to work properly because I can´t get it work properly on Horizon
  • Figuring out if I can get my Trustmaster Warthog to work.

Thanks to the team who make this distribution possible. Hopefully you will find the energy and time to develop this distribution further.



Let the games begin and

garuda welcome 2 :slight_smile: