Installing XFCE4 on Garuda

Hi, I am trying to install xfce4 on my garuda linux with KDE. How can I do that?

Since garuda based on arch linux I think you can follow archwiki instructions:
Basically you need to install xfce4 group and also if you want the xfce4-goodies group.

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If you have to ask, it's better you back up your data and install it from scratch.

If you do it differently, please always point out that you may have a mix-mash DE in case of problems that may occur.


What also needs to be mentioned is that if you choose to install a non-standard FrankenDE put together with disparate parts you're on your own. You will likely receive little support on the forum if you install multiple DE's, as inexperienced users are likely to create a complete mess of their default Garuda system.

As @SGS already stated, if this is something you need to ask, you likely shouldn't go there.