Installing windows after garuda

by launching garuda linux I noticed that there was an os selection page if you install two or more systems and I had windows installed so I also saw windows but I recently reinstalled windows starting by formatting the ssd with windows to reinstall it but since windows does not appear in the os page and I would like to put windows back in this page and sorry for my bad english

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Please always provide in new topics, as requested in the template, the output of garuda-inxi, formatted like this:
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I moved your topic in the "dual boot" category, since dual booting is not officially supported; but you'll find plenty of users (hopefully) willing to help.

This is called GRUB (one of the so-called "bootloaders"), that should be able (and it was, after Garuda installation) able to "see" (with the os-prober tool) windows.
A very easy thing you could do is open a terminal and enter:

sudo update-grub

It is not recommended to install Windows after Garuda. Well really, Garuda does not recommend dual booting with Windows at all. In other words if you install Windows after Garuda you can expect issues that you'll have to correct manually.

Perhaps you should have researched this issue more carefully before modifying your system in such a fundamental way. There are many reasons Garuda does not recommend dual booting with Windows, and you have now discovered one of those reasons.

Good luck resolving your boot issue.


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