Installing VMWare and All dependencies on Garuda

How do i install VMWare Workstation her? is it the same with the one on this site?

Haven't done it - but I see no reason that it should not work. Garuda is Arch (more so than Manjaro) with enhancements for speed and gaming rather than 'patches' and hold-backs...

VMWare is one of 3 possible solutions to virtual machine usage on Arch (that I am aware of as major players). Have you looked at the pluses and minuses of each? (Virtualbox, qemu virt-manager. VMWare)? If not - see which is the best suited to your use case...

i preferred virtual-manager but also easy is virtualbox
no experience with vmware

I've not tried vmware on garuda but the vmware workstation in the aur works perfectly on manjaro so should work just as well on garuda. If you install from vmware website you get missing kernel depencies, the aur version takes care of it


For people who had trouble with the vmmon
this would help

Fist Confirm services status with:

sudo systemctl status vmware-networks.service vmware-usbarbitrator.service vmware-hostd.service

after confirming that they are installed you could enable them first then start them right after, i need to restart my computer and had these code execute on startup.

sudo systemctl enable vmware-networks.service vmware-usbarbitrator.service vmware-hostd.service
sudo systemctl start vmware-networks.service vmware-usbarbitrator.service vmware-hostd.service

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