Installing to two different drives

I want to use an SSD for to boot, and an HDD as mass storage for files and programs. How do I do this? I need an ELI5 description please.

I installed Garuda on the ssd (nvme) and then I've split /home like this: Splitting home directory . Don't worry because this tutorial is from ubuntuforums, it'll work on Garuda as well. You will keep your config files on the ssd and your data like music, videos etc. on the hdd. I have linked the directories individually and not with the aforementioned collective command.

Five-year-olds shouldn't be installing operating systems.

For more mature people there is the Arch wiki:

Well worth reading so you understand the underlying reasoning rather than a surface-level copy-paste approach.


I also simply link my data to home in this manner. Very simply done for data.

You were not specific enough for this question to be addressed fully as some programs will allow you to install to alternate drives, and others will not.

As @jonathon has already mentioned, there are many authoritative preexisting sources for this type of information to be found online.

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If you do a hand install in BTRFS you can set /var to wherever, which should take care of most of the applications (I believe). I would suggest extensive reading on BTFRS as it is entirely too easy to screw the pooch as it (seems to me) is a bit difficult to grok with only minimal research.

I'm not in Linux at the moment, so this is off the top.