Installing the new version of garuda KDE

I wonder why there are no installation procedures for kde Garuda. The reason is, that it is impossible to install the version garuda-kde-git-linux-zen-220101. As soon as the installation is finished and after reboot, the installation procedure fails on the first selection.
On Update the system installation you get the following error and everything stops.

I tried an older version karuda-kde-barebones-linux-lts-211028 and it works well.

From the download Page

Garuda Linux KDE-Git

Garuda Linux KDE-git Edition is made for users who want to test latest software and functionalities. It contains git versions of packages. Limited support is provided for this edition.

And the installation instructions on both download Page and Wiki are always valid.


kde-git is made more with advanced users in mind, I suspect. It's not something that the feignt of heart should try.

EDIT: filo is on top of it. :slight_smile:


Mmm that was a matter of milliseconds :wink:


Also can you provide you


as this seems a hardware issue

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My vision isn't that great, but for the life of me I can't see where you posted that error?


In case it isn't obvious from the above posts. The KDE-git version isn't the new version of Garuda KDE. It is an experimental version which features a pre-release version of KDE itself.

You probably want either the latest KDE barebones or the latest Dr4g0nized edition.


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