Installing Sway along with KDE

I was wondering, if installing Sway(window managers) along with KDE would cause issues as installing Desktop-environments like Gnome or XFCE.
I just wanted to give window managers a try, without going through the hassle of installing a new OS

Yep, it's fine.


I hope I just have to do: sudo pacman -S sway
Anything else, I would have to install?
I want it to be like the curated edition.

I tried:
╰─λ sudo pacman -S sway sway-git-debug sway-launcher-desktop swaybg swayidle swaylock-effects garuda-sway-settings autotiling grimshot i3status-rust-git nwg-bar nwg-dock nwg-drawer nwg-launchers nwg-menu nwg-panel redshift-wayland-git wf-recorder

but sway is still not looking like this

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Well, you still need the correct dotfiles in place. Im pretty sure that Sway & KDE might have conflicting dotfiles so its better to create a new user and put the content of garuda-sway-settings in ~


Actually, I don't believe there's anything in common with Sway and Plasma. I think it's a safe co-existence. I've done it for at least a year on a couple of distros.


I'm not running those 2 myself to test things on so I wrote might :smiley:
I was mostly thinking about Qt theming, what about that?

Sway isn't built on the Qtset. I'm sure it's possible to do something that results in 'shot in foot', but it won't come from default.

GNOME doesnt as well, still its configuration is important as Garuda applications are mostly build on it :slight_smile:

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Sorry, but could you tell me how to do it?

I realize that this sounds on the grumpy side (and I am today), but if you have to ask, my thought is you probably shouldn't do it. This way lie if a Garuda Team member gives you a recipe, some people believe that also implies a warranty.

Maybe I will not do it, I have successfully install Manilarome's glorious Awesome WM

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I would recommend your toe dip be a fully configured desktop (sway if you like, i3, awesome works though I don't know much about it), versus trying to shoehorn it in if you're unfamiliar.
Best of luck, the keystroke based window managers are fun (imo).

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Thanks, @dbarron, I figured out that dotfiles can be copied from /etc/skel and the case is solved!

Yep, tiling managers will definitely help in your learning curve (you're forced to). I only started using a tiling window manager a few years ago...I'm definitely still learning (truth, not hubris).

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Thank you everyone, I ran Sway along with KDE, it worked great, but I have found Awesome WM, and I kinda love Manilarome's glorious Awesome. Maybe I will stick with it,
But what I found out that most of the WMs can be install along with other DEs without issuse.

Err, there are combinations that don't work very well (or totally break)...or even worse...things get screwy. Actually there are fewer cases of 'works perfectly' than cases of 'well, it kinda sorta works'. Just as long as you realize that screwy probably means something you did, if you're mixing and matching.


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