Installing more than DE

I want to install more than 1 DE(mostly KDE and hyprland). i want to get the Garuda styling cause its op. Anyone has any idea how i can do it?

PS i havent tried to installer in a long time so im not sure if its in the installer options rn.

Hi there, welcome to the forum.
Installing multiple desktop environments on the same system is not possible with the installer and it is highly discouraged after (although possible).
Better to try one version and then install another.
Also dual booting two editions is possible but a bit complex and at high risk of breaking things.
You can try many editions from the live USB using Ventoy, but for sure it is not the same result as installing.
I think at the beginning of a Distro journey it is fair to install, try, reinstall, etc. until you get to the point to decide what to do on a stable basis.


ive done dual booting before its not much of a problem as such but i just prefer having both the desktop environments. im trying to switch from kde to hyprland or just wms in general so i wanted to get both installed.

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