Installing KDE Dr460nized

I installed the Gaming edition a while back but deleted it after a while. Now, I want to install the base Dr460nized edition, however I think something is wrong. When I boot it up, I get the option to install with proprietary or open source drivers, I select that. After this, I get a black screen with a bunch of checks happening, most of them pass. Then, it gets to the point where it says: "Starting up Whoogle". Then, "Stopping Whoogle". "Starting Whoogle". "Stopping Whoogle", over and over again in a loop. Does anyone know why this could be happening?

??? Which ???
Just use forum search, "Black Screen".

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Just wait. I just reinstall my laptop with the new KDE Dr460nized package. I though it was endless looping on whoogle thing, but I just wait for few minute and it finish and I already enter the LIVE environment.

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Have patience. The Garuda will appear to you in due time.

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Whoogle is restarting due to no network connection - it was a dependency of the FireDragon browser until not long ago. This has changed however and wont be an issue next release (its also no issue after installing, just the live boot seems buggy)

The real thing which makes the boot "long" is mhwd (drivers), it can take some time to get going depending on your hardware.


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